DI (FH) Dr. techn. Amir Mujkanovic

Mentor, Founder and CEO

As a researcher, engineer, and former senior lecturer, I am passionate about simplifying complexity and teaching others to achieve their academic goals. Writing a thesis is complex and can, therefore, be overwhelming. As a former PhD student in Computer Science, I understand how frustrating things can get – having sleepless nights, receiving critical feedback, experiencing self-doubt, dealing with conflicts, finding a full-time-job/thesis/life balance, etc. While such a journey can be very challenging, it can also be an excellent training for perseverance and personal growth. My aim is to provide individual academic mentoring for Bachelor, Master and PhD students to help them ensure that their thesis meets scientific standards and maximizes their personal growth.

Mag.rer.nat. Kerstin Kulterer-Prodnik


When working on a thesis, a student makes personal developmental steps, and such steps represent the sensitive stages of their lives during which they move through various phases. In such phases of upheaval, students can often reach their limits and encounter unexpected hurdles, be it outside or inside. During this time, students often experience crises that they can usually overcome with good social support from friends, family, mentors and professors. However, for some, this support alone is not enough. Here, the internal hurdles seem too big and the crisis too difficult to overcome without professional support. In such cases, psychological support from a specialist can be helpful and can bring this development step to a sustainable end. Only a step that you can stand is a step that will take you further.

Paula Emery

Proofreading including citations and referencing

As a proofreader and editor, and as a former primary school educator, I have a passion for helping others achieve their very best. Writers often know what they want to say, but it can be a real challenge to put that idea across in their writing, especially when English is their second language. My aim is to provide support to ensure that writers can portray their message correctly, express their ideas clearly, and accomplish what they set out to do in their writing at the highest level possible